Racial profiling a threat to the people and the state essay

Ethical issues which appear whenever racial profiling is claimed to occur,are critical and should be discussed by plcing evidence in where law enforcement objectives represent a subset of the desiderata for public policy. Herbert also state the fact, which the vast majority of these stops are in no way connected to the commission of a specific crime.

However, police cannot rely too much on the evidence offered even though the citizens depend too much on them.

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The fact that racial profiling leads to infringement of equality rights and focuses more on some cultures and ethnic groups, then it is not normal according to absolutism.

Mexicans and Latinos have been scrutinized and called out by law enforcement since around the time Texas gained its independence. This method relates to racial profiling in the sense that there should be an acceptable code of ethics which commonly refers to the constitution which should apply to all.

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In the Supreme Court granted permission to use those characteristics as probable cause to stop and search someone. In fact, it is actually a given fact that the society has implicitly tolerated it for decades.

In another example, a car with five black who look really mean drives in a neighborhood of another man. Racial profiling has to be stop in every way there is, is humiliating to see and is strongly unjust.

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While not all people from minority groups are innocent, neither are all white people. All Muslims, those with Muslim names and all those that meet the profile of the majority of terrorists must be scrutinized so as to provide better security for the whole nation.

Other ethnic groups in the United States have also experienced negative effects from racial profiling. The first tactic is the police to respond immediately at the site of crime.

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In the case of terrorism police should use all measures to prevent it from happening. In the cases of muslim and terrolism there is no doubt that enough evidence has been produced. Many people across the country have experienced this sort of treatment leaving a demoralizing effect on the citizens.

Another useful tactic in fight for criminals and crime is proactive apprehension of people who commit crimes where there is no complain from the civilians. Though minority is pulled over by police, study shows that they are a subject to disproportionate traffic stops.

I know that the same is being done to protect the security of the general public. The government then headed by Bush announced a fight against terrorism. This would mean that there is need for construction of new data sets or econometric ways which allow researchers to note effects of deterrence and racial profiling.

In the Barrack Obama administration and critics of racial profiling began to push for more legislation to prevent racial profiling. War against terrorism is not about racism or judging a person by his color.

These frisks are believed to be from racial profiling. Many people cannot believe how many patrolmen have done these acts in all the states of the nation.Racial profiling is unjust because innocent people can get arrested just because they look a certain way.

“In the summer ofsadistic members of the State Police in Oklahoma spent more than two hours humiliating Rossano Gerald, a year-old Army. Racial profiling violates our constitutional rights as Citizens Causes humiliation towards innocent people Causes the rate of crime to increase in both ethnic groups and white groups Is being overused and in return is hurting specific groups of people Distracts law enforcements and prevents them from serving the entire community Trusting our.

In the United States, ‘The land of the Free’, racial profiling of minority groups seems all too common. Many Americans believe that law enforcement as well as many other people often discriminates on minority groups simply because of their color of their skin.

Racial profiling is, by definition, based on a standard of unequal protection for those that are victims of the discriminatory act (Bond, ).


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According to the Amnesty International USA study, Threat and Humiliation: Racial Profiling, Domestic Security, and Human Rights in the United States, many have fallen victim to racial profiling. According to the National Institute of Justice, racial profiling in law enforcement “is commonly defined as a practice that targets people for suspicion of crime based on their race, ethnicity, religion or national origin” (“Racial Profiling”).

The report expressed that racial profiling has been a major threat in racial communities in the United States as the country widely practice racial profiling (Amnesty International USA, ). I highly agree and believe on the intensity and prevalence of the problem of racial profiling in the United States and around the world, especially after the terrorist attack in September 11,

Racial profiling a threat to the people and the state essay
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